Best Bass Earbuds under $50 – Guide & Reviews

Are you searching for the best bass earbuds under $50? I know how difficult the quest is given that you have to go through tons of products on Amazon to finally end up on that right one.

What if I streamline the list for you? Yeah, I am going to give you a list of five earbuds under $50 that will give you good bass.

So, are you ready to dive into the list? Here you go!

Best Bass Earbuds under $50

I handpicked all the earbuds you are going to see below. Once a product fits you the best in terms of pricing, you should buy it right away. All the earbuds in this list have best bass and good playback for the price.

#1. RHA MA350 Aluminium Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphone 3

rha-ma350-aluminium-noise-isolatingIf you are an audio enthusiast, you might have heard about RHA. They are known for their rigid quality despite the price. As you read in the heading, the pin and back of the ear tips are made of aluminium.

Once you read this article completely, you will figure out that no other earbud has a pinch of aluminium.

The package itself proclaims their build quality. Inside the same, you get the earbuds, seven pairs of tips, and a few leaflets as well.

The cable is a combination of rubber and a braided material. So, it will never make you disappointed by breaking.

The small form factor of the case makes it easy for you to carry around.

If you are a person who enjoys music playback during your daily commute, you will find it as a pure bliss due to the effective noise isolating technology.

Even though it is priced at $35, you will get a long warranty that extends up to three years.

Let me get it straight!

You are not going to get heavy bass from this product. Yeah, it offers a solid bass. Still, the manufacturer concentrates on the overall balance of the sound profile.


#2. MEE Audio M6 PRO

mee-audio-m6-pro-universal-fit-noise-isolatingDo you want a unique way to insert the eartips? Then, this product from MEE is going to entice you up.

The earbuds come in two different colors, clear and smoke black. The clear color design expose the internals of the eartips whereas smoke black features a semi-transparent covering.

When you uncover the package, you are going to see the product itself, a pair of cables, and three eartips as well. One of the best things about MEE Audio M6 Pro is the detachment of cables. You can detach the cable from both the eartips. And, it helps the product sit comfortably inside the package.

One cable offers the inline mic whereas the second one lacks it. The inline mic has a volume slider that allows you to control the loudness without touching the gadget itself.

The playback through this product is decently clear and has deep bass too. All you have to do is plugging it into the device (whatever that is).


#3. SoundMagic E50

soundmagic-e50-in-ear-isolating-earphonesSoundMagic is my personal favourite for budget earphones. I still have SoundMagic ES18S and, it offers the best sound quality under $15.

The product comes only in one color, gunmetal. Right at this moment I am writing this article, only 13 pieces of the product are available.

The tangle-free cable design allows you to enjoy your playback right away whenever you feel like listening to the music.

You get six pairs of eartips in different sizes. The semi-rigid casing protects the product from daily damages. Inside the package, you will also get a clip to attach to your clothing for comfortably hold the cable.

The earphone housing is completely made of metal. As far as the pricing goes, you have to spend nearly $50.

The multiple silicone eartips isolate the outer noise from entering into your ears during the music playback.

The robust and sleek design profile feels compact.


#4. Phiaton MS 100 BA

phiaton-ms-100-ba-balanced-armature-earphones-with-micPhiaton MS 100 BA is the only pair of earphones under $50 with balanced armature design and Mic. I know you may be new to the name Phiaton.

Their minimal but stunning look attracts you the very first time itself. For the same reason, we can easily overlook the unavailability of multiple color variants.

You get the product itself along with a few ear-tips inside the package. Unfortunately, they haven’t included a hard case to carry around. What they focused instead is build and sound quality.

The inline mic has been made slim to blend with the overall design profile and, you can’t help yourself from looking at the product for quite a long time the first time.

The balanced armature is dedicated to enhancing the sound quality. Taking that single feature into consideration, Phiaton MS 100 BA takes a significant lead in the class of best bass earbuds under 50 dollars.


#5. Brainwaz BLU-200 Bluetooth Noise Isolating Earphones

brainwaz-blu-200-bluetooth-noise-isolating-earphonesMaybe, you love dealing with wired earphones that you want a wireless solution. Here it comes; Brainwaz BLU 200 earbuds.

You get two years warranty with the device to cover the accidental damages during this period. Unlike other products in this list, this one has got a unique design for its drivers. Both of the drivers feature a hook to avoid slipping it from your earlobes.

The ear hooks make it the best earphones for workouts. If you are a person who likes to listen to music when you work out, you are going to love this. You can see an inline remote to control playback as well.


Wrapping Up

So, you have finished reading my list of best bass earbuds under 50 bucks.

The selection is completely up to you. Each one of them has at least one unique feature. And, all the products mentioned here offers good bass as well.

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