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Best Bass Headphones - Guide and Review

These days, everything has become more portable for our busy, on-the-go lives. Listening to music is no different, but what is the best way to listen to your music while out and about? Earbuds have become all the rage due to their portability and small size, but to truly get the most out of your music, you need a full set of headphones. In fact, one of the best kinds of headphones you can get are bass headphones since they will allow you to experience the beats and bass drops of your music in a much richer and more vibrant way.

Today I’ll be showing you why bass headphones are ideal for your music, as well as show you some of the best bass headphones out on the market. It’s your music, why shouldn’t you listen to it in all its glory?

How to Choose the Best Bass Headphones

Wired vs. Wireless

Before you even think about getting a set of bass headphones, the most important question you have to answer is whether or not you want to be physically connected to your music device. For most of history, if you wanted to listen to your iPod or Mp3 player, you’d need to plug in directly. These days, however, Bluetooth technology has allowed us to connect remotely to our smartphones for the best experience possible. Here are some pros and cons of wired vs. wireless headphone tech.



  • Connects remotely
  • No wires to get tangled
  • Allows you to answer phone calls


  • More expensive
  • Have to have Bluetooth
  • Limited battery life and range



  • No need for batteries
  • Plug and go, no syncing or setting up required
  • Compatible with all kinds of devices


  • Does not allow you to answer calls
  • Wires can get in the way

When comparing the two, each type has its own unique blend of highlights and disadvantages. Thus, you need to determine which method is right for your needs. Personally, I like old-school tech, but that also means I’m limited in what I can achieve with my headphones. Choose wisely, my friend.

Noise Cancellation

Another nice feature of having a full set of headphones instead of earbuds is that you can cancel out any excess noise. If you’re running around the park, you probably need to be able to listen for other people and such, which means noise cancellation is not a good thing.

However, if you listen to your music in a controlled setting or even on public transportation, you can definitely benefit from removing all distractions. When picking out a set of the best bass headphones, you will need to decide if noise cancellation is something you want or something that you can do without.

Frequency Range

Now let’s get into the technical aspects of headphones. After all, you want to be able to hear as much as possible, right? No sense in getting a new pair if you can’t even make out what the musician is singing. Thus, when checking out your new bass headphones, you want to look at the frequency range.

The greater the range, the more sounds you can hear and the richer the overall effect will be. Cheap plastic headphones will have a much more limited frequency range, which means that anything towards the bottom or top will get cut off and blended into the middle. If you want the best experience possible, then you need as wide a range as possible.

Comfort Level

One of the more important things you need to consider when picking out the best bass headphones is how they feel on your head and wrapped around your ears. Presumably, you’ll be wearing them for hours on end, so you don’t want to get a set that pinches in places or feels uncomfortable.

Also, you don’t want to pull off your headphones and be dripping with sweat afterward. Thus, try to get a set that covers your ears completely, not only to maximize the level of sound you get but also to eliminate the possibility of pinching and discomfort. Also, look for headphones with softer padding and breathability so that they will feel much better on your head after long periods.

Added Features

I briefly mentioned above about how, with wireless headphones, you can have added features like call answering and such. If you want to get the absolute best bass headphones, then having some of these added features can make all the difference.

For example, some headphones have control buttons on the outside which allow you to skip to the next song, adjust the volume, and answer or hang up a call. Obviously, these headphones also have a built-in microphone as well, which is another bonus feature that you can get, which is helpful if you use your headphones for anything like gaming or Skyping.

If you want a set of headphones that give you extra functionality, then you should definitely get a pair that comes with all of these extra features so you can consolidate all of your control functions into one device, instead of having to rely on each piece of hardware to do everything.

Test Drive

Finally, the best way to choose a set of headphones is to do a test drive. If you’re buying them online, that will be hard to do, but you can take advantage of return policies in most cases, so don’t be afraid to try them out immediately after purchasing to make sure that they fit your head, your ears, and, above all, sound amazing.

When testing out headphones, make sure to check the volume levels, going as low as you can while still being able to hear something, and then going as high as you can without blowing an eardrum. If the headphones come with extra features like call assist, test it out and make sure that all the buttons work as they are supposed to.

If the headphones run on a battery, leave them on and see how long the battery actually lasts (if possible). Overall, test drive the headphones as much as you can to make sure that you won’t run into any problems in the future.

best-bass-headphones 2

Recommended Best Bass Headphones

1. Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

Editor Rating:

First on our list are the Skullcandy Crusher Headphones. When it comes to high-quality sound equipment, no one does headphones quite like Skullcandy.

I’ve used this brand for many years, and I’ve been supremely satisfied with the performance, and these headphones are no exception.

First of all, these are wired headphones, so you won’t be able to connect remotely via Bluetooth. Nonetheless, these are still some of the best headphones you can find out there.

Part of the reason they are so good is that they come with two fantastic drivers that enhance overall sound quality as well as the bass. The Crusher Headphones come with a Sensation 55 Driver that extends the bass for a more dynamic experience. Additionally, they come with an REX40 Driver that delivers smooth frequency response and improves sound clarity so that you can hear everything with precision.

To further enhance your listening experience, these headphones come with a built-in amplifier that runs on an AA battery. To help the battery last longer, the amplifier has an auto on/off function that turns off after ten seconds and turns on automatically once you start listening. To enhance your bass, there is a bass boost slider on the outside of the headphones that allows you to adjust the bass levels depending on your needs.

Other notable features of these headphones are a built-in mic for taking calls or speaking via Skype, ergonomic design for better comfort, and noise isolation padding for a better sound experience. This model is also foldable for easier storage and is super lightweight, so you barely feel the headphones, even after hours of wearing them.

2. Bluedio T3 (Turbine 3rd) Extra Bass Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headphones

Bluedio T3 (Turbine 3rd) Extra Bass Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headphones

Editor Rating:

Next, we have the T3 Wireless Headphones from Bluedio. This is another company that makes high-quality sound equipment, and if you’re looking for top-quality wireless headphones, then the T3 model is perfect for you.

The first thing you’ll notice about these headphones is that they are both sleek and powerful. Made of metal alloys, the T3 Headphones are built to last and can withstand a lot of abuse (not that you should abuse them or anything).

They are also lightweight and can be folded for better storage and transportation. Also, since there are no cords, you can pack them up quickly and easily.As far as performance, the T3 is one of the best. These headphones come with a 57mm titanized diaphragm for unmatched sound clarity and quality.

. Most other models come with a 40mm or less diaphragm, so these headphones are built to get the most frequency response possible, as well as deliver exceptional bass. In addition to the overall sound performance, these headphones come with 3D sound effects so that you feel like you’re part of the music or, best of all, part of the movie.

Other notable features of these headphones include a condenser mic for better sound quality on phone calls, extra padding for supreme comfort while wearing them, and external controls that adjust the volume, track to next call, and answer or hang up your phone.

The headphones are also powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will last up to 20 hours. The best part about that is that you can also use these with a traditional audio cable (included) to operate without a battery and keep your music going for as long as you want.

3. Sony MDRXB950BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones

Sony MDRXB950BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones

Editor Rating:

Next, we have the Extra Bass Headphones by Sony. These are another batch of wireless Bluetooth headphones, but much like the Bluedio model, these can also work as a wired headset, meaning that you can get the best of both worlds without having to sacrifice performance or functionality.

To give you the best performance possible, these headphones come with a 40mm driver (slightly less than the Bluedio T3) that helps enhance sound quality and overall clarity.

AAC and aptX drivers also boost the overall performance, allowing for better frequency response and improved bass.Also, these drivers enhance the signal quality when in wireless mode so that you don’t have to worry about the sound cutting out due to a bad connection with your device. To give you an idea of the performance of these headphones, the frequency range is 20-20,000 Hz in wireless mode or 3-28,000 Hz in wired mode.

Other features of these headphones include external controls for the volume, next track, and call answering. A built-in mic allows you to talk to anyone at any time with exceptional clarity and reduced noise.

This model also runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and will last up to 20 hours on wireless mode, or forever (or as long as your device does) when plugged in via an audio cable, which is also included. Finally, these headphones swivel for a thinner profile and better storage options.

4. Sentey LS-4420 Warp Black/Red Headphones

Sentey LS-4420 Warp Black/Red Headphones

Editor Rating:

Next, we have another wired headphone model, the LS-4420 by Sentey. I haven’t had a lot of experience with Sentey products, but overall the brand seems to offer a lot of cost-effective solutions that can match the performance and quality of more high-end models.

Overall, if you’re looking for a sturdy and reliable set of headphones, these are for you.

As far as performance goes, the LS-4420 model comes with a 40mm diaphragm that provides exceptional sound quality and clarity. These headphones also come with a bass boost to help punch up your music as you want it. They also provide high-definition stereo sound, which is much better than traditional stereo headphones.

For comfort and storage, these headphones come with extra padding that goes around the ear for a better overall feel as well as noise isolation. These headphones also fold in half for better portability and the audio cable is even removable for added convenience. Overall, these are great headphones to keep around.

5. Airsspu Earphones Hi-fi High-Resolution Heavy Bass Wired Headsets

Airsspu Earphones Hi-fi High-Resolution Heavy Bass Wired Headsets

Editor Rating:

When it comes to the best bass headphones, most of the time you will want to get a model that covers your ears, so you get the best sound quality.

However, that is not to say that you still can’t get a great pair of earbuds that will also enhance your music by pumping up the bass.

To that end, the Airsspu Earphones are a perfect example of earbuds that can compete with over-ear headphones, both in quality and performance.

To give you better sound quality, the Airsspu Headphones are made of high-quality materials that are designed to provide the best clarity and sound matching possible. Since you don’t have the added luxury of having pieces that cover your ear, the next best thing is to have the highest quality materials to deliver exceptional sound.

To that end, these headphones are made with gold-plated surfaces for lossless sound and a Hi-Fi audio jack, so you get the best performance possible. Also, the design of the earbuds themselves are more ergonomic so that they will feel comfortable even after hours of use. To give you an idea of the level of quality, the frequency range for these headphones is 12-25,000 Hz.

Finally, these headphones even come with a built-in microphone so that you can use them for phone calls or Skyping.

6. ActionPie VJJB-V1S High-Resolution Heavy Bass

ActionPie VJJB-V1S High-Resolution Heavy Bass

Editor Rating:

Our next set of headphones are also earbuds, the VJJB-V1S from ActionPie. These earbuds are not quite as intense as the Airsspu model, mostly because they don’t have gold and copper-plated drivers and a unique, ergonomic design.

Nonetheless, if you want an excellent set of earbuds that will enhance your listening experience and bump up the bass, then the V1S headphones are a perfect buy.

To give you the best performance, these earbuds come with an exceptional set of drivers. These drivers are made of neodymium iron boron magnets, which not only sound complicated but deliver the best sound possible.

They also have a high-performance moving coil unit to enhance your bass and deliver crystal clear mid tones for the best results. Finally, these earbuds have advanced tuning technology to reduce any high-frequency glitches, so you get the best sound without any popping or whining coming from your music.

Other highlights of these headphones are a built-in mic to answer phone calls with, compatibility with any and all smartphones (iPhone or Android), and a frequency range of 20-24,000 Hz.

7. Wackolee GX-33 In-ear Headphones High-Resolution Heavy Bass

Wackolee GX-33 In-ear Headphones High-Resolution Heavy Bass

Editor Rating:

Our next set of earbuds may have a funny sounding name, but there is nothing funny about the way that they perform when listening to your favorite song or watching your favorite movie.

The Wackolee GX-33 Headphones have all of the quality and clarity that you could want, as well as extra bass boosting abilities so you can get the most out of your music.

When comparing these to the V1S Headphones, you’ll notice that both of them have a lot of similar features. Most notably, the GX-33 earbuds also use neodymium iron boron magnets for enhanced sound quality and crystal clear performance.

These headphones also deliver exceptional high-definition sound with added drivers to improve the bass line and give you the performance you deserve. For your comfort, these earbuds are made of soft silicone which means that you can wear them for hours without needing to take them out.

Finally, these headphones are compatible with any smartphone device and come with a built-in microphone so you can answer calls. There is also a volume control on the tangle-free cord, and the frequency range of the GX-33 is 20-20,000 Hz.

8. Bluetooth Headphones, Hunter Magicbuds Wireless Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones, Hunter Magicbuds Wireless Headphones

Editor Rating:

When choosing a set of earbuds, you typically have two options. First, you can get earbuds that are like two bullets that rest in your ear, or you can get a set that comes with a built-in over-ear hook device so that they don’t fall out as you walk or run.

The Hunter Magicbuds are the latter model type, meaning that you don’t have to worry about losing these while you’re exercising since the plastic earpiece helps them stay in place.

As far as performance is concerned, these headphones come with advanced APTX drivers, so you get optimal connectivity with your device. Did we mention that these earbuds are wireless? I bet you didn’t even know that was possible, did you? You can connect these headphones to any Bluetooth compatible device with a range of up to thirty-three feet. Since they are so small, however, you can only get up to seven hours of listening time before needing to recharge, so that can be a little challenging.

Overall, however, the Magicbuds are perfect for wearing on the go, such as when you’re jogging or working out at the gym. The sound quality is amazing, and they even have bass boost for better sound performance. You can’t take any calls with these, but it will notify you when a call is coming in, as well as tell you who is calling, so you can decide whether or not to answer.

9. Maxell AMP-B Amplified Heavy Bass Headphone

Maxell AMP-B Amplified Heavy Bass Headphone

Editor Rating:

Getting back to full-size headphones for a minute, we now come to the Maxell AMP-B Heavy Bass Headphones. These are very similar to the Sentey model, in that they are perfect for anyone who wants a simple, straightforward and reliable set of headphones.

Although the AMP-B may not have any extra features or added functions, this model does provide excellent sound quality and clarity, making these headphones ideal for almost any situation. 

They are also wired, meaning you don’t have to worry about battery life or recharging them.When it comes to sound performance, the Maxell Headphones utilize a standard 40mm driver to give you exceptional quality and clarity. An added amplifier also helps enhance the bass, so you get the most out of your music or movie watching experience.

Storing these headphones is a breeze since they fold up and are naturally lightweight. The audio cable is designed not to tangle easily as well, so you don’t have to worry about sorting out cables every time you want to listen to something. Overall, these are great headphones for the price.

10. JVC HAFX102B XX Xtreme Bass Earbuds

JVC HAFX102B XX Xtreme Bass Earbuds

Editor Rating:

Finally, we come to the JVC XX Xtreme Bass Earbuds. JVC is another top brand in sound equipment, and the Xtreme Earbuds are no exception.

Much like the other earbuds on this list, the XX model comes with an 11mm neodymium magnetic driver that delivers high-quality sound with exceptional clarity.

Added bass boost further enhances your music to give you the best overall experience possible. These are wired earbuds, but the audio cable is made with top-quality copper lining and gold-plated connections, so you get crystal clear sound without any distortion or noise.

As far as comfort is concerned, these earbuds are made of soft silicone and designed to fit perfectly in your ear so you can wear them for hours without any issues. They also come with “tough protectors” so they can withstand a lot of abuse as well. The frequency range of these earbuds is 5-23,000 Hz.

Final Verdict

When picking out the best bass headphones, what it will really come down to is whether or not you want a full-size set or just a couple of earbuds. I personally can’t stand earbuds, so I would not get any of those models, but if you are a fan of those kinds of headphones, I would suggest either the JVC XX or the Airsspu earbuds, due to the level of sound quality and overall performance. I also like the design of the Airsspu model, which looks like it would almost be comfortable.

If, however, you’re like me and only want a set of full-size headphones, I would highly recommend the Bluedio headphones since they have the best driver of all the models on this list. Also, the Skullcandy Crusher headphones are excellent quality and deliver the best sound. Nonetheless, no matter which set you pick, all of these headphones are highly rated and guaranteed to satisfy.

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